Financial Feasibility Studies

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A financial feasibility study assesses the economical viability of a proposed venture by evaluating startup costs, expenses, cash flow and building a forecast of future performance. You will be provided with a sound feasibility plan with our expertise ensuring the effective control of resources and help you monitor quality and standards of performance. Moreover, it will provide information on key areas for decision making, indicate profitable financial returns and contain a financial risk sensitivity analysis.

Kloudac has wide experience in developing feasibility studies to assess the financial and economic viability of establishing projects in various fields. We have provided numerous studies for leading corporate and national organizations in different fields. We not only provide thorough and comprehensive feasibility studies, but also we offer specialized economic consulting.

Why Feasibility Study?

You have a business idea and want to know if it is feasible. It doesn’t make any difference if it’s a product or service. A feasibility study will provide you with the discipline and insight to reassure yourself that your idea is worthwhile pursuing. Furthermore, if you need to finance the business, lending institutions and investors, typically require a feasibility study. The feasibility study evaluates the project’s potential for success.

Elements of a Feasibility Study

Our team keenly focuses on your business model, customers, are familiar with technology and have an excellent understanding of complex data. Their skills include clear communication, multitasking, organizational skills, as well as analytical, observational and critical thinking.

We will help you assess your chances of success and our engagement will provide the confidence that your investors will need to participate in your ventures.

An outline of the project, products/services offered, the business model and method of delivery.

Defines the prospective buyers, competitors, industry, the future and current market potential and sales estimations.

Lists the data about product or service delivery, which could include labour, raw materials. transportation, the technology needed, business locations etc.

An explanation of the corporate and legal frame of the company; this might include data about the founders, their professional history and skills they have that can help the company begin and continue the operations.

A forecast plan about the funding required, the type of funds, and projected P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows etc. This includes detailing the assumptions made in the study, sensitivity analysis, and graphical presentation of key financial data.

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