External Audit Services

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The spotlight on credible auditing has never been greater since the regulations that affect financial audits and reporting grow increasingly stringent.

The external audit is highly important for any business to address accounting practices and ensure compliance with financial reporting requirements. Our understanding of modern auditing requirements enables us to adopt an efficient and risk-based approach. Our audit engagements are performed by qualified and experienced team members, committed to understanding your business and meeting your timeframes with minimal disruption to your operations.

We analyse the commercial activities, the financial situation, and the internal control system (ICS), from which we derive the risks that could lead to material misstatements in the annual financial statements.

Technically our team is excellent, and we are different from the very large firms in the high level of personal service and partner involvement we bring to engagements.

Our external audit services encompass

  • Financial statement audits
  • Financial statement reviews to meet general purpose
  • Agreed upon procedure engagement
  • Accounting system and control reviews
  • Providing compliance opinions
  • Advice on the application of accounting policies, accounting and auditing standards
  • Trust account audits
  • Grant audits
External Audit

Benefits for your Organization


Speed and Efficiency

Our staff is specifically trained in the issues and business processes of your industry, they know what to look for and how to go about it with no wasted motion.

hands on

Hands-on Approach

Our partners and managers work on-site, taking a proactive approach to streamlining your audit and resolving any issues that arise. At every level of your organization, our people are equipped with robust tools and technologies to ensure a thorough and efficient audit process


Competitive Pricing

Our services combine highly-trained staff, sophisticated methodologies and the latest technology to offer audit services at fees that are highly competitive when compared to our no sacrifice in resources, service, or quality.

Best Practices

Specialized External Audit Services

We are specialized in the audit of clients in a particular market or sector, beyond traditional external audits, we offer a full range of audit services to address specific needs. Our review team can analyses your financial statements to satisfy regulatory or other requirements


Global Capabilities

We can provide efficient auditing services that meet international standards. We coordinate the audits with other member firms, to make sure you get the service you need across all your operations, both at home and abroad.

Whats Next?

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