4 Best accounting programs for SMEs

4 Best accounting programs for SMEs

Accounting software assists small business owners in keeping track of their payables and receivables, evaluating their profitability, and preparing for tax season. Small firms frequently don’t need to make major customizations to accounting software that comes out of the box. As a company expands, its accounting requirements get more sophisticated, necessitating the use of a personalized enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.


This software fully interacts with a third-party payroll service and offers a simple user interface. Through Xero’s interface with Stripe and GoCardless, businesses can accept online payments from clients.


QuickBooks Online is not only used by the majority of small business accounting specialists but there are also countless online training materials and forums where you can obtain support when you need it. One central dashboard provides easy access to all accounting elements, facilitating more flexible and effective bookkeeping.


Compared to other accounting software, FreshBooks provides greater customizations for invoicing. Its main purpose is to send, receive, print, and pay invoices, but it can also take care of a business’s essential bookkeeping requirements. Sending bids, keeping track of project time, and being paid are all made simpler for service-based firms thanks to this accounting software.


A service-based small firm that issues straightforward invoices and doesn’t require payroll management finds Wave to be the perfect accounting software platform. At year’s end, accountants can get the Wave reports they need to create a company’s tax return.

Xero– Has mobile app
– Payroll integration with Gusto
– Third-party app marketplace
Quickbooks– Commonly used by accounting professionals
– Integration with third-party applications
– Has mobile app
FreshBooks– Third-party app integration
– Affordable
– Advanced invoicing features
Wave– Free accounting, invoicing, and receipt scanning
– No transaction or billing limits
– Run multiple businesses in one account
Unique Specialties by Software

KLOUDAC Accounting Firm Dubai, UAE

Accounting software may assist small firms with a variety of tasks, such as handling tax season and controlling their costs. However, every company is unique. Numerous certified accounting software programs are available from and supported by KLOUDAC.

Zoho Books Accounting Software Dubai UAE

Zoho Books Accounting Software Dubai


Accelerate lead closing with Kloudac’s Zoho Accounting Software Services

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Staying on top of sales operations is paramount for any B2B company, and Kloudac’s Zoho Accounting Software in UAE enables you to do just that. Being one of the top online accounting software in Dubai, UAE, Zoho provides you with end-to-end accounting, easy collaboration, and integrated platforms. Officially approved by the Federal Tax Authorities (FTA), Zoho is fully compliant accounting software for VAT making it a delight to work with businesses of all sizes and related industries.


Zoho UAE – Maximize your
accounting services


Every company often struggles with several complicated and strenuous accounting and bookkeeping processes that can easily be automated or made simpler by using software like Zoho. Since its inception, Zoho has become one of the most popular and widely used accounting and bookkeeping software because of its easy-to-use features.


For small accounting firms, it is not always a viable option to afford an accountant or a bookkeeper. Zoho makes it easy for such firms to add new users, an otherwise complex and lengthy process. It also makes a client portal available to be used where clients and customers can communicate openly. This one feature alone sets Zoho apart from several other top accounting software that has given this feature a miss.


Zoho is a comprehensive software that makes your life easy. It handles everything related to sales, Pos, billing, payments, banking, Time tracking, and even VAT integration – a few of the most significant accounting services that are a must for the growth of any SME.


If you need help with setting up your Zoho Books account, generating business reports, sending and tracking receivables, managing expenses, and receivables, or generating VAT return reports, Zoho provides guided webinars to help you do it all seamlessly.


That’s now all. Zoho also automates Cashflow payments with timely payment reminders so that every bill is cleared on time without you having to incur overdue fines. While ease of usage and feature-filled functionality is Zoho’s uniqueness, easy accessibility is yet another aspect that makes Zoho such a hit. It is available on both Android and i-OS and Zoho Books app can be easily downloaded to make your work easy.

Managing VAT with Zoho Books UAE

The VAT system was introduced in the UAE in January 2018, and FTA made it mandatory for all VAT-registered businesses to maintain their records and file their VAT returns on time. As important as it is to comply with this mandate, it can be an equally time-consuming and complicated process with the possibility of missing out on providing important details and getting the numbers wrong. However, Zoho Books makes it all easy and efficient. From supporting businesses with creating and sending VAT-compliant invoices, to viewing business reports, generating VAT reports, and much more – Zoho does it all. 

Bringing all these important tax-related files to competition is not always an easy task, especially for small businesses that often struggle with the right amount of manpower. This is where a Zoho expert accounting consultant in Dubai, UAE can help. With expertise in handling complicated and stressful tax-related functions, such firms are just the right choice for you. Highly valuable yet extremely affordable. 

Zoho’s usability extends not only to its features and functionalities but also to its pricing packages. Zoho accounting software is available in three different packages – Standard, Professional, and Premium:

For details regarding the cost of the subscription get in touch with KLOUDAC


Kloudac - Your Premium Zoho Consultant in UAE

Staying on top of sales operations is paramount for any B2B company, and Kloudac’s Zoho Accounting Software in UAE enables you to do just that. Being one of the top online accounting software in Dubai, UAE, Zoho provides you with end-to-end accounting, easy collaboration, and integrated platforms. Officially approved by the Federal Tax Authorities (FTA), Zoho is fully compliant accounting software for VAT making it a delight to work with businesses of all sizes and related industries.

Zoho is one of the top online accounting software in Dubai, UAE.

Zoho online accounting software provides you with end-to-end accounting, easy collaboration, and integrated platforms.

Moreover, Zoho Books is a fully compliant accounting software for VAT. It is also one of the accounting packages that are officially approved by the Federal Tax Authorities (FTA).

Zoho Books Online accounting Software

Zoho books is a  software that is built for small businesses and that replaces affording an accountant or bookkeeper for an accounting firm.

With Zoho it is easy to add new users to your organization using few clicks even though adding users is a complex task in general.

Zoho also provides a client portal where the client and customer can communicate efficiently. This feature is lacking in most of the top accounting software. Therefore, Zoho has become one of the tops easily usable accounting software along with this feature.

Not only that, even Cashflow payments can be automated with Zoho. You will receive payments reminders which will help you to pay bills on time and avoid overdues.

Furthermore, you have the accessibility to Zoho via Android, iPhone and also using windows phone.  Zoho books app can be easily downloaded and used to make your work easier.

Not only above-mentioned features, but it also helps you with guided webinars as to how to setup your Zoho Books account, generate business reports, send and track receivables, manage expenses and receivables, generate VAT return reports and many more.

In general, Zoho handles everything related to sales, Pos, billing, payments, banking, Time tracking and even VAT integration which are some of the major accounting services needed for the growth of SMEs.

Zoho Books UAE VAT

Along with the introduction of the VAT system in UAE on January 2018, all the VAT-registered businesses were asked to maintain records and file their VAT returns on time as instructed by the FTA. Zoho as an approved accounting software will make this task easy to handle.

Filing VAT returns are made easier and more convenient via accounting consultants in Dubai, UAE.

Zoho Books provide you all the accounting processes required for businesses. It suits all your accounting necessities for VAT in UAE. It supports you with creating and sending VAT compliant invoices, viewing business reports, to generate VAT reports and many more advance features.

Zoho Pricing

Zoho online accounting software is available in three packages as Standard, Professional, and premium packages.

Standard package starts from $12 per organization / month.

Professional package starts from $24 per organization / month.

Premium package starts from $36 per organization / month.

Zoho Recognized Consultants in UAE

Kloudac is an accounting firm in Dubai, UAE that fulfil their customers’ accounting services using Zoho books. Zoho cloud accounting platform for businesses helps in tracking income and expenses, connects to systems such as CRM, Inventory, and subscription tools.

With the Zoho mobile app it has become even more convenient for the consultants to work effectively with their clients. Kloudac provides all the facilities required for your organization. It provides and keep track of your accounting requirements via accounting software like Zoho books and many more while ensuring your data security.

XERO Accounting Software Dubai

XERO Accounting Software Dubai UAE

XERO Accounting for your business in Dubai, UAE

We have been awarded XERO Gold Champion Partner status by XERO; the world’s leading cloud accounting software for SMEs.


Xero Dubai – Taking care of all your accounting needs


In the last few years, the way our workplaces operate has undergone a drastic transformation. With work from home or remote working becoming a widely accepted norm, and businesses across the globe going geographically agnostic, things in the physical workspaces have had to adapt to the changing dynamics.

This has enforced offices to become anytime, anywhere ready in their approach – both in terms of workforce and infrastructure. This changing environment has brought about rising demand for cloud-based software systems that can be accessed seamlessly irrespective of time zones and geographical boundaries.

One such software that has gained immense popularity in the accountancy world is Xero, an accounting platform known for its safety, ease of use, and accessibility. So, if you need to streamline your accounting needs in Dubai, let Xero Dubai handle the requirements while you concentrate on your business. 


So, what is Xero?

Xero is an extremely useful and cost-effective tool, specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps companies with manpower constraints to get accounting work done through automation and AI-based inputs. As Xero is a cost-effective solution, it comes in handy for businesses that might not have the economic strength to have a separate accounting department.

It also makes handling accounting rather easy because of its cloud-based nature, which means that organizations can work with accounting professionals from anywhere. Xero implementation gives businesses a lot of freedom and independence to handle their accounting needs without having to spend a bomb.

Benefits of Xero Implementation

Any software is developed to make the workflow easier, and that’s exactly what Xero does.


Unlimited creation & sending of invoices

It is rather difficult to keep a check of invoices from various platforms. Connecting Xero with your account allows you to categorize and import your latest bank, credit, and PayPal transactions.


Automates manual tasks

Xero automates several manual tasks like data entry that require long man hours. With Xero, you can work smarter and faster without having to spend time and effort on time-consuming tasks.


Auto updates, for free

Xero upgrades itself at regular intervals so that you don’t have to worry about keeping the software in sync with the latest accounting trends.


Xero Implementation – Easy, simple, and effective

As software that has been developed to better streamline accounting work, Xero implementation is just what you expect it to be – easy, simple, and effective.


Highest level of security

Security is one of the biggest concerns for businesses in today’s time when online threats are becoming more and more common. Xero Software Dubai provides bank-level security to ensure that your important data is safe and secure at all times.


Collaborate with Xero team Dubai

Xero makes it easy to collaborate with service providers so that your accountants and bookkeepers can view your accounts and provide real-time inputs. It also gives you the option of controlling each team member’s access.

Why collaborate with a Xero Dubai service provider

Accounting is a serious business and small and medium-sized businesses often find themselves struggling to keep their finances in place in the wake of limited manpower. As Dubai makes hefty inroads into the startup and entrepreneurship environment, there are several such small and medium-sized businesses looking for accounting and bookkeeping support, which is what a Xero UAE service provider can deliver.

These are firms that have partnered with Xero and hence have the rights, knowledge, expertise, and extended support to operate the software. Such firms have the right wherewithal to handle accounts of any size and provide assured, safe, and quick services so that you don’t have to worry about your accounts. It is always better to let an expert handle your accounts; this is where all the money lies.


How it’s works


Provide Info

Xero implementation begins with providing the required information and filling up the form. This allows your accounting partner to understand your business and chart out a plan


Actual implementation

Implementing the software is the next step which requires a couple of weeks to incorporate your unique business requirements



This step is all about finding your feet by using the powerful features that Xero provides. Getting familiar with them so that you can make the most of them


Set & support

Your collaborator will provide extended and ongoing support to help you sail through any issues that you might face


Xero is a cloud-based accounting software which supports accountants and bookkeepers to collaborate with their small business clients via online.

 This accounting software provides number of features like paying bills, claiming expenses, accepting payments, capturing data, reporting and many more. Xero is also one of the fastest growing SaaS companies globally.  

Furthermore, it also gives you accessibility to real-time account information and business tools from your own device. Which enables you to make decisions faster.

Xero for Accountants and BookkeepersXero allows you to Collaborate with the clients, automate the tasks and access client record any time making the work easier and faster.

XERO Data Security

The data that is shared with Xero accounting software will be 100% secured even if your device is lost by any chance. Data security is ensured via the accounting consultants in Kloudac.

Accounting Firms Recognized by Xero in Dubai, UAE

Xero and Kloudac is in partnership since 2017. Kloudac is a fast-growing accounting firm in Dubai that provides Bookkeeping, VAT consultancy, and many more facilities by giving hand to hand support to SMEs.

Xero being one of the top recognized accounting software globally, has given approval and recognition for Kloudac accounting firm in Dubai, UAE.

Kloudac has won the gold champion partnership with Xero.


  • Kloudac has won the certification of Xero Payroll which certifies that it has the experience and knowledge of setting up payroll proficiently and running the payroll process smoothly.
  • It has also won the Xero advisor certification which ensures that Kloudac has a solid understanding and realistic knowledge of how to use Xero with clients.
XERO Accounting Software KLOUDAC Dubai
KLOUDAC is a XERO Gold Champion Partner

Hiring The Accounting Companies In Dubai

Everyone would like to know that their money is safe and that their finances are organized properly. Hiring Accounting companies in Dubai can assist you make financial decision visibly and independently. An accountant can assist you invest your money into firm stocks and investments with regular returns to make it less of a danger for customers. An accountant can assist you decide which business ventures will be a great option for their customers to follow and might even assist their career route. They can assist you to plan your finances for the future and save more money in the procedure. Let’s talk about in more detail the major benefits of hiring an accounting firm.

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You Need a Professional to Weigh in On Financial Decisions

Often people who are not in the fiscal or accounting businesses as they don’t have the inside knowledge to put together an accurately sound financial choice. Accounting Companies In Dubai – It can really assist you to have a professional as a sounding board to make a decision if certain buying or careers moves are accurate for you. This goal approach can be a really great assistance when the emotional side of our mind acquires business decisions. Your accountant’s only objective is to defend their client’s wealth, and develop that wealth.

Financial and Tax Knowledge

Bookkeeping services Dubai have proper education and progressing professional development opportunities to keep them updated with existing tax laws. The best exercises when it comes to defending and augmenting their client’s assets. This is important because tax laws are continuously altering and not everyone understands. The most excellent way to manage their finances to maintain what they make, and then influence it to make more and more. High income people require the professional knowledge of a CPA to get and keep their finances organized and get it working in their top priority.

For A Proper Payroll Process Hire Chartered Accountants In Dubai

When you have a large business venture, you will meet lots of serious financial issues. You need to work with a professional to find the finest way out of that tight spot. Most of the businesses opt to work with Chartered accountants in Dubai because of several reasons. These experts are well-experienced and strongly trained to manage all tax and finance related issues.

Yes, hiring Auditing companies in Dubai will be extra outgoings, but the money they assist you to save will definitely overshadow those costs. Here are some important reasons why it makes sense to prefer to work with chartered accountants in Dubai.

Appropriate Handling Of Finances And Taxes

Chartered accountants in Dubai are extremely aware with the entire legal characteristics of the law and are proficient of dealing with the finance and tax matters compliantly. They have sought-after knowledge of the necessary paperwork and formalities and will help to get rid of hassle of tax authorities.

If you wish smooth dealings and would like to avoid legal snags then hiring a chartered accountant for your financial and tax matters is the always the right option for you.

Supervising Payroll

Chartered accountants are well-experienced in financial and legal processes, and which is why they can make sure the suggestion of every facet of the business by the law. They can help you in the payroll matters or oversee your employee handling payroll to shun any issues in the finances. They counteract to check the tax or any other expenses that are to be suspended from the workforce` credits or from the company`s sense of balance.

Tax Compliance Services

If you are apprehensive about the reinvestment of your money and would like to expand your business, then the chartered accountant is the right individual to hire for support. They are competent and have authority over legal matters that will assist you in increasing your profit margin by lowering the tax performance in the long-run and that too within the legal limitations.

Track All Your Accountant Data

When you set-up your company, the final thing you would like to do is invest a redundant amount of money. Many freelancers and start-up owners also look upon Accounting firms in Dubai as a pricey luxury because of money restrictions, believes instead that they have the knowledge to fill out and file the essential paperwork themselves.

The reliable chartered accountants in Dubai offer plenty more than filling out and filing forms; they can give professional guidance and information, assist you to develop your business, prevent you from running IRS, and save you thousands of bucks in taxes.

Let’s know benefits of Accounting firms in Dubai :

Assists In Making Well-Versed Decisions

A business owner is skilful at performing various tasks immediately–working as hiring executive and one minute as marketing manager. Several days feel like a steady flow of decisions to be done. And one thing is obvious when you look reverse on a day like this: the more information you had at the same time, the better decisions you take. Hiring an accountant who has a grab on the financial strength of your business will mean having access to worth information when you want it.

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Your accounting firms in Dubai will assist you to track your expenses and assist you keep your personal and business expenses separate. The IRS does not look gently on business owners who pair the two together. Doing so might lead to an audit, and the burden of proof is on you to show that the uncertain expenses are certainly connected to business.

Manages Cash Flow

Cash flow can make or crack any business. Behind every strong business is someone who keeps their active the cash-flow helm. On the other hand, a timing error when it comes to cash flow has brought businesses big and small to their knees. An accountant understands properly what reports need analysing, when, and what the red flags are in this part.

Advantages Of Hiring Auditors In Dubai

Proper utilization of time

Auditors in Dubai assist a business association in paying attention on more significant core activities which are directly associated to the profits gaining process.


By hiring accounting services in Dubai, you can save more money that would have to be invested on payroll, training, and infrastructure.

Benefit from the expertise of the outsourcing accounting firm

The outsourcing chartered accountants in Dubai based in Dubai is extremely skillful in carrying out their tasks. They have access to the newest accounting software and stay updates with the latest developments in the accounting area in different countries.

More accuracy

Accounting is a job which can be carried out more professionally at a quiet place as it involves lots of concentration. Even a single error can spoil the entire process.

Easy to handle

By hiring the accounting tasks to a company based in India, you need to deal with only the contractual obligations.

Developing businesses always gets to some extent where they have expert financial advice but are not capable to pay for a full-time CFO.

Cost-effectiveness –

By Auditors in Dubai, you can save more and more money that would have to be used on payroll, training, and infrastructure.

Furthermore, remuneration charged by the hiring companies based in Dubai is much less than the service rates in the developed countries. In addition, all this money can be spent in core functions for optimizing the business prospective of the organization.

More accuracy –

Accounting is a job that can be done more professionally at a private place as it comprises lots of focuses. Even a single error can mess up the entire procedure.

Top Audit Firm Dubai UAE

Following are the advantages of auditing companies in Dubai:

High level of accuracy

The vat consultancy services in uae have professionals and know how to deal with accounting data precisely. When it comes to dealing with records accurately, accounting services can be advantageous for you.

Avoid tax penalties

Wrong accounting records can inflict penalties on you throughout tax season. Accounting service provider provides you access to the newest software, decreasing the chance of mistakes.

Save time

You don’t need to spend your valuable time on accounting. Accounting service will assist you to avoid from preventable pressure and leave you with enough time to carry out your core business jobs.

Increase productivity

Auditing Companies In Dubai allow you to pay attention on revenue-generating business activities, increasing your overall productivity. In addition, you need to scrutinize the real financial health of your business.

Scam Prevention

Accounting services specialists help to keep all records of your payments, profits, expenses and financial development on track with their professional management. As you will find a thorough record of all the financial records, it assists you in scam prevention and future decision making.

Accuracy level – We all understand that accounting services. Thus, it is vital that the precision level must be 99.99%. That is where accounting services show to be helpful. It deals with your accounts and keeps your business on the accurate track.

Accounts forecasting – With fully analysis, accounting services provides a complete and clear picture about errors, where your investments will be profitable & loss situations are there, and many more. In addition, you meet about which financial step you should eradicate.

Perfect time allocation – Because the outsourcing team processes your work, you can gain access to essential financial information, when you want. Your job will be done in a given time without any mistake or delay. In this way, you can concentrate on your core tasks.

Make Bookkeeping Process Hassle Free in Dubai

Accounting plays a crucial role to run your business productively. But as a business owner, you might not have enough time to deal with your accounting work as you have to manage other things as well or you perhaps not a pro in accounting. For the sake of your business, hiring a professional accounting service accounting firms in Dubai is the right option.

Following are the advantages of accounting services:

High level of accuracy

They are professionals Accounting Firms In Dubai and know how to deal with accounting data precisely. When it comes to dealing with records accurately, accounting services can be advantageous for you.

Avoid tax penalties

Wrong accounting records can entail penalties on you throughout tax season. Accounting service provider provides you access to the newest software, decreasing the possibility of mistakes.

Save money

No need added benefits such as life insurance, leaves, holidays and pension plans, etc. to your provider as you offer to an in-house staffs. You will only pay to the accounting services you are obtaining at a specific time. They will give you the correct results that can be up to 99.95%. However, hiring accounting process is comparably inexpensive.

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Save time

You don’t need to use your precious time on accounting. Accounting service providers will assist you to avoid needless stress and leave you with more time to perform your core business tasks.

Enhance productivity

Bookkeeping services Dubai allows you to pay attention to revenue-generating business activities, increasing your overall output. Furthermore, you can analyze the authentic financial health of your business and proceed accordingly.

Fraud Prevention

Accounting services experts will keep all your business payments, profits, outlays and financial development on the right track with their proficient management. As you will have a thorough evidence of all the financial records, it assists you in scam prevention and future administrative.

Hire An Eminent Accounting & Bookkeeping Services In Dubai

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services In Dubai – Do you feel like your market players are increasing faster than you are in the fields of information technology support, skills, education, knowledge of resources or complete economic circumstances? They might be balanced of seizing your customers!

Profit is certainly one of the major aspects of business development and growth, but it is not the only part. Development changes your life and one and all else’s who are in one way or another related with the business and it provides your business a superior status and brand image in the market.

Here are the top 10 benefits of hiring accounting and Bookkeeping services Dubai

1. Develop and sustain your firm faster and stronger by outsourcing CPA and accounting services.

One of the great reasons to hire accounting & bookkeeping services Dubai is that you can have enough time in your hands to augment your competence, develop your company and functions, and make the most of your return on investment (ROI) on the core competencies of your business. You can make use of this added time to try to make more clients, by augmenting your marketing efforts and customer services, as you won’t have to lose sleep about hiring, training, managing, reviewing, firing, and etc. Hiring CPA or accounting services is most expected to diminish your outlays by 30 to 50%.

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2. You don’t have to pay horrible overheads, you can just pay for the genuine work you need to be completed.

When you are hiring accounting and bookkeeping services, you are of course registering to pay only for the actual work you need to get completed. In your business functions, it means that you no longer have to pay for the operating cost, vacation, sick leaves, payroll taxes, training and other outlays of the accounting section. Therefore, you can considerably augment your profit margin and also allow yourself to get more work done anytime.