Top 5 benefits of XERO cloud accounting software

Top 5 benefits of XERO cloud accounting software

Xero is one of the most popular and faster-growing cloud-based software solutions available nowadays. KLOUDAC is one of the trustworthy accounting firms in Dubai, UAE which works with XERO.

Time Saving

Your time is saved to a greater extent with the technologies used in XERO. You do not have to worry about protecting your paper records any more. All the documents are stored online in the cloud database. 

Maintaining Bookkeeping is made easy by connecting to your bank and importing transactions every business day, Xero can save you time and help you avoid hours of manual data entry. Automatic bank feeds allow you to reconcile your accounts on a daily basis, giving you a complete view of your company’s finances. It will even make recommendations and categorize your transactions for you.

Report generation is another benefit that can save your time. Users can be free from manual report creation and monitoring accounts and cash flows.

Easy Collaboration

Xero facilitates communication between businesses and their bookkeeper, accountant, or financial advisor. Real-time updates are feasible with Xero because it is a cloud-based system. As a result, you and others can look at the same information at the same time from different locations.

Users always have control over who has access to Xero and what they can do with it, so security is always a consideration.

Data Security

To secure your personal and financial information, Xero follows the strictest cloud security requirements and has established many levels of security.

Xero uses a variety of cloud security precautions and even releases a comprehensive report on the topic.

Updates, Upgrades and Backup


One major advantage of using XERO is that it does not require any updates to be done manually. Automated updates occur in the background of the company’s server without any disturbance for the work going on and with the help of an automated updating system the accounting software is constantly up to date. 


If you need to get the advantage of the new features of the software, you will have to upgrade the software to a newer version. Since many employees need to work on your account you will have to upgrade your license from time to time. With XERO it is just one button click to upgrade the software to enjoy new features. 


Unless you backup your data you will not be able to access them if they are deleted accidently. XERO protects your data by backing them up, so you do not have to worry about data losses due to technical issues, disasters or even accidently deleting them. XERO platforms perform a back-up process in the background on their server. 

Improve Business Efficiency

Another significant advantage of cloud accounting is the increased efficiency that most business owners will be seeing. One main feature is the ability to save time. Secondly, the automation system of XERO helps in reporting, employee management, expense management, financial monitoring, and many other features. 

With the advanced features of the XERO software the user receives alerts in sudden cash flow rises or sudden drops. Using this software, the user can also save their energy and time by scheduling amounts to pay suppliers automatically. These are just a few benefits that are mentioned. Contact our experts to get more details.

KLOUDAC Accounting Firm Dubai, UAE

KLOUDAC is a recognized accounting firms in Dubai, UAE with 15 years of service experience. We have built connections with over 500 customers. It has also won the certification of Xero Payroll and certification of Xero advisor from the world leading online accounting software – XERO. Moreover, KLOUDAC is a golden champion partner of Xero.  Accounting and Bookkeeping is more convenient for the SMEs via KLOUDAC since they provide their clients with a whole package of services such as Financial Consultancy, Business setup, Audit and assurance services, Taxation services, Recognized accounting software and more.