ACCA Approved Accounting Firm In Dubai

ACCA Approved Accounting Firm In Dubai

Professional accountants play a vital role in prioritizing social responsibility in business planning. They’re in a unique position to drive climate action in the organizations they manage and work for, as well as achieve genuine, lasting change.


ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)  is a globally recognized accounting qualification which build professionals in accounts and finance fields. These specialized professionals have a broader knowledge in Accounting, Tax Consulting, Auditing, Business Valuation, Treasury Management, and many other sectors. Which in turn has created greater demand for ACCA specialists.  

Benefits of ACCA

-When the firm in Dubai is registered by ACCA it enables the firm to carry on probate activities in the name of the firm. 

-ACCA Accountants are Globally Recognized, and they are flexible and contribute greatly towards the growth of companies from the knowledge they possess. 

-ACCA specialized Professionals are aware of the ACCA rulebook which consists of the laws, regulations, and Code of Ethics. 

-Members of the ACCA are strategic thinkers with high ethical integrity, good financial knowledge, and strong business judgment.

-ACCA professionals possess valuable skills such as organizational and strategic skills and along with that they possess technical and management skills which increase the effectiveness since they have mastered and experienced the cost-effective business techniques which is a great necessity for any growing company.

ACCA Professionals in KLOUDAC

Since Dubai is now considered as the financial capital of the middle east, many businesses are established and maintained in Dubai UAE. KLOUDAC is recognized as an ACCA approved accounting firm in Dubai, UAE. Where KLOUDAC received the Trainee Development Gold Certification from the ACCA body. 

 With the ACCA Qualified Professionals, it gives more value to the accounting firm which in return greatly contribute towards the growth of the companies associated with the firm. 

Our ACCA Specialists can evaluate and propose great Business solutions for your organizations. KLOUDAC professionals are specialized in Accounting and Book-keeping and all other accounting and finance related work. 

And many of Our Specialists are ACCA Qualified accountants who possess technical and management skills and as well as organizational and strategic management skills in the field of accounting. With the knowledge and experience of our ACCA specialists, we guarantee to help you with all your accounting and financial work which will result a growth of your business. 

KLOUDAC Accounting Firm Dubai, UAE

KLOUDAC is a recognized accounting firms in Dubai, UAE with 15 years of service experience. We have built connections with over 500 customers. It has also won the certification of Xero Payroll and certification of Xero advisor from the world leading online accounting software – XERO. Moreover, KLOUDAC is a golden champion partner of Xero.  

Accounting and Bookkeeping is more convenient for the SMEs via KLOUDAC since they provide their clients with a whole package of services such as Financial Consultancy, Business setup, Audit and assurance services, Taxation services, Recognized accounting software and more.